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Page 1/21 Gartner, Inc. | 355447 Eight Steps for Modernizing Employee Communications in the Digital Workplace Refreshed 5 May 2020, Published 20 November 2018 - ID G00355447 - 22 min read FOUNDATIONAL This research is reviewed periodically for accuracy. By Analysts Mike Gotta, Adam Preset, Christie Struckman Initiatives:Digital Workplace Applications and 2 more Internal communication is experiencing a renaissance as leadership teams rediscover the value of meaningful engagement and information sharing with the workforce. Application leaders should follow these steps to ensure bidirectional engagement between companies and their workforce. More on This Topic This is part of an in-depth collection of research. See the collection: Overview Key Challenges Recommendations For application leaders responsible for digital workplace initiatives and involved in employee communication strategies: A Digital Workplace Is Crucial to Digital Transformation ■ Employee communication is rarely recognized as a key digital workplace component, and sometimes has no clear ownership within digital workplace initiatives. ■ Internal communication is often treated as a one-way publishing exercise (due to mounting frustration with email and aging intranets), rather than an opportunity to have a continuous dialogue among and with employees. ■ Gartner inquiries reflect a consensus that some workforce segments, such as deskless workers, feel marginalized, in part because of a lack of communication and opportunities for feedback. ■ Confusing technology options are causing incompatible or conflicting options, which can derail efforts to modernize the employee experience around internal communications. ■ Establish your employee communications framework based on Gartner's eight-step model, and customize it over time based on employee insights and organizational needs. In particular, use the eight steps to: ■ This research note is restricted to the personal use of kevin.bellomo@azblue.com.

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