Rethink Employee Communications: Adapting to the Digital Age

November 18, 2015
High-performing organizations make employee communications a priority. They know an engaged workforce makes for a more successful organization, but is it time to rethink what employee communications can be in the digital era? Many organizations have found that traditional methods of employee communications, such as email and intranet, are now proving ineffective. Their employees feel disconnected from the company’s story and don’t have the ability to be brand advocates. What if your employees could see all the latest company information in one place, on mobile, with a click-to-share social capability? Not only would your employees be informed, but they would help share your company’s brand through peer-to-peer social. This is what the new employee communications looks like in the digital age. Key Learnings: - Why traditional forms of employee communications are proving ineffective today - Real-world examples of how innovative companies are changing their employee comms strategies - How to ensure that your employees stay informed on company news - How to incorporate social and mobile into your employee communications strategy
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